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LEDMinox Projectors are supported by developers, and you can always get the latest updates for the projector. Company «LEDMinox» - the high professional level of competence in each point. We provide an integrated approach to your comfortable life.

About company

LEDMinox: high-quality projectors German quality You want to buy a video projector for home use? Or, you want to get a good video projector for a spectacular presentation in the office? But at the same time you do not know which one to choose? We present to you a unique device LEDMinox - portable video projector, a key feature of which is the German high build quality. Portable Projector LEDMinox - an ideal solution for road shows or movies. Portable size and light weight allow the projector to use it anywhere. Do not forget about the high German quality: a unique LED lighting will provide you a full immersion into the atmosphere of the events on the screen. If you need high-quality 3D-images, and this will be no problem. After all, the company «LEDMinox» is engaged in manufacture and supply of video projectors to DLP - technology. LEDMinox Video projectors can achieve the highest level of sharpness, give a perfect image quality. LEDMinox - this projector to a fully darkened room. Some projectors have a resolution of 4K or close to resolution. In addition, LEDMinox projectors - is the most compact and quiet gadgets. Because the projectors differ more compact size and a minimum noise level, compared with a similar competitor products.

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